Swap a Magazine or 2,3,4…

11 Jun

Do you love magazines?

I do!

I try to read the following  monthly or bi-monthly.

Living &more (german), Marie Claire Idees (France), we love living (new german mag)

Hus&Hem (Sweden), Nordis (german), Cut ( german), Mixtape (Australia)

I would love to do and organize a Magazine swap. So welcome in from all over the world and participate.

Myself would love a copy from Frankie (Australia) , Ready made (USA), Jamie (UK), Family Living (Sweden).

I also love cataloges like Toast, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters….would you be kind and send me one?


Send me an e-mail to flying-scissors@gmx.de

and tell me that you want to participate and introduce yourself in some sentences.

Answer the following questions:

Where are you from?

What kind of magazines do you want? And from where?

What kind of magazines could you send?

With how many participants do you want to swap?


You can send  magazines/catalog from your stash or you can buy new ones.

I thought 10 $ + shipping would be a good amount and can include 1-3 magazines/catalogs.

So spread the word, join in and we´ll have some fun!!!

On the goals in June

1 Jun

Finally it looks and feels like spring/summer over here. YEAH for warmer weather.


New month has started, so i want to give this goal list that i´ve seen around the blog world a try.

❤  Start a local Art group

❤  finish my second granny square blanket

❤  loose weight like 4 kg

❤  take the bike and not the car

❤  do some afternoon walks

❤  fleamarket and thrift store adventures

❤  meet some onlinefriends for the first time

❤  organize my craft space

❤  write/send postcards and letters

❤  invite and celebrate a midsommar party

❤  picnics in the park


What are your June/summer goals?

before/after Wedding

4 Mai

Do you have your wedding ahead?

My big day is soon to be 5 years ago.

Beautiful, special, extraordinary, enjoyable and medieval themed.

In August we will have our 5th anniversary. What? Where have the years gone so fast?

If i could have my wedding day before me, i wouldn´t change many things.

But i would put some fun/creativ  things to it, that i didn´t knew of/or needed  5 years ago.

Like a Photo Booth:


and a Lemonade Booth


A candy bar


Garlands, pompoms and balloons




What have/had  you planned for your wedding?

What do/did you like most about your wedding?

What kind of Theme do you like for a/your wedding?

If you have any great links to wedding websites, photographers, candy booth… please share.

Holy 30something

30 Mär

Psst. Maybe i havn´t told you but i turned pssst 35 a little more than a week ago. I had a great day with family and friends around me.

I got some great presents and at the end off the day a little girl was born. Anabella the first baby of our brazilian friends. Now i share my birthday with „Bella“.

And don´t you think i got some cute things as pretty presents?!!

I´m off to make a 35 things before 36 list. I´ll post it the next days.

Granny Square addiction 2009/2010

5 Feb

Kind of a wintersleep that i´ve been in lately. The last three month have just flown away like a whirlwind.

We had some sweet family related christmas days. A new month, year and decade has begun and with it on the way came snowfun.

We had some lovely friends around the last weeks and in between i made me some time for crafting. Espacially Granny squares and blankets. As you can see:

My work!  one finished

the other one still in progress

Crocheting granny squares has become popular the last year. Many projects popped up on the blog and www-world.

Like a granny a day flickr group from Pip – Meet Me at Mikes.  She has done some good video tutorials on how to crochet granny squares.

A great picture tutorial step by step how to granny square can you find on Katjas cute maedchenmitherz Blog.

If you need a german granny square  tutorial you can find a great one here.

Then i want to introduce you to my two crochet queens:

Lucy – Attic24 and

Carina – Carina´s Craftblog

So join in, in the fun and get creative, addicted and in love.

Cute Onlineclass-Win a spot

11 Nov

Hej,  Katja from the inspiring maedchenmitherz Blog is doing a cute Online class in the beginning of next year.  You have time until 14. November to join her giveaway and your chance to win a spot in the class.

Katjas cute onlineclass

Go over and check it out. She also have some great creative tutorials.


P.S. Darling Readers from all over the world. Please can you send over some good weather today. It´s raining here and we don´t need any more drops. It´s Martinssingen today so the children want to stay dry and walk with there lanterns.

Our little one has a cute hedgehog lantern. I´ll show you pics tomorrow.


With a little help for my friend

27 Okt

you could lighten up there family life.

This woman rocks. I can tell you. Even if i´ve just known here since some month in the big blogging world all i can say about her is:

Jamie is big hearted, funny, talented and very creative.

She and her family have had  some  hard month behind them and life isn´t that easy  in these days, too. If you are interested. Read her story.

Darling Jamie is running a Silent Auction until Friday and this is what you can get:

Jamie Silent Auction

So go over to her blog and do a bid if you love and like Polaroid, Buttons and Vintage wooden thread spools.


She also offers custom embroidery  like this woodgrain tree trunk:

Jamie Woodgrain embroiderd love

This would be a great present for a loved one.


And as a tribute to a blogging friend enjoy some great music.



Music Monday

11 Okt

Some bits of music that i like/liked the last month/years. This time very related to my country: germany

Roger Cicero

Tim Fischer


Fettes Brot



Yesterday + today is very music related. I´m importing my about 200 CD´s to iTunes. It´s just great and fun. Haven´t listened to some of the albums since 5-10 years.

P.S.: i´m working on updating more often. To pretty up the blog and i have a give-a-way on my mind.


Eye candy !

8 Sept

Wanted to share some eye candy  with you.

Samantha Robinson teacup

Samantha Robinson illuminator

This beautiful porcelain is handmade by Samantha Robinson, Australia. Go and visit. Her HPdesign is great too.

cocoa and co cookie

Yummie cakes and cookies from Cocoa & co kitchen.

And doesn´t this ANORAK look like a great artsy magazine not just for children?

Anorak childrens magazine

What is your eye candy this week? Share!

I´m no artist

8 Sept

but for those 500 pencils i would love to be one.

500 pencils project

How would it look like to draw with the Norwegian sky or a Drizzly Afternoon?  It could inspire to everything.

Imagine how it would be recieving 25 coloured pencils every month for 20 month.  Maybe i would display them like this. Or find new ways and ideas.

500 pencils project

I would definetly have much fun with these pencils, colours, names and stories.

What about you?