Cute Onlineclass-Win a spot

11 Nov

Hej,  Katja from the inspiring maedchenmitherz Blog is doing a cute Online class in the beginning of next year.  You have time until 14. November to join her giveaway and your chance to win a spot in the class.

Katjas cute onlineclass

Go over and check it out. She also have some great creative tutorials.


P.S. Darling Readers from all over the world. Please can you send over some good weather today. It´s raining here and we don´t need any more drops. It´s Martinssingen today so the children want to stay dry and walk with there lanterns.

Our little one has a cute hedgehog lantern. I´ll show you pics tomorrow.


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  1. craftyfox 16. November 2009 um 12:26 am #

    Hi Astrid, You should be receiving your giveaway prize soon. I posted it just over a week ago so let me know when you get it, so I know it’s arrived safe and sound!! xx

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