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Swap a Magazine or 2,3,4…

11 Jun

Do you love magazines?

I do!

I try to read the following  monthly or bi-monthly.

Living &more (german), Marie Claire Idees (France), we love living (new german mag)

Hus&Hem (Sweden), Nordis (german), Cut ( german), Mixtape (Australia)

I would love to do and organize a Magazine swap. So welcome in from all over the world and participate.

Myself would love a copy from Frankie (Australia) , Ready made (USA), Jamie (UK), Family Living (Sweden).

I also love cataloges like Toast, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters….would you be kind and send me one?


Send me an e-mail to flying-scissors@gmx.de

and tell me that you want to participate and introduce yourself in some sentences.

Answer the following questions:

Where are you from?

What kind of magazines do you want? And from where?

What kind of magazines could you send?

With how many participants do you want to swap?


You can send  magazines/catalog from your stash or you can buy new ones.

I thought 10 $ + shipping would be a good amount and can include 1-3 magazines/catalogs.

So spread the word, join in and we´ll have some fun!!!

I´m no artist

8 Sep

but for those 500 pencils i would love to be one.

500 pencils project

How would it look like to draw with the Norwegian sky or a Drizzly Afternoon?  It could inspire to everything.

Imagine how it would be recieving 25 coloured pencils every month for 20 month.  Maybe i would display them like this. Or find new ways and ideas.

500 pencils project

I would definetly have much fun with these pencils, colours, names and stories.

What about you?