Music Monday

11 Okt

Some bits of music that i like/liked the last month/years. This time very related to my country: germany

Roger Cicero

Tim Fischer


Fettes Brot



Yesterday + today is very music related. I´m importing my about 200 CD´s to iTunes. It´s just great and fun. Haven´t listened to some of the albums since 5-10 years.

P.S.: i´m working on updating more often. To pretty up the blog and i have a give-a-way on my mind.



Eye candy !

8 Sep

Wanted to share some eye candy  with you.

Samantha Robinson teacup

Samantha Robinson illuminator

This beautiful porcelain is handmade by Samantha Robinson, Australia. Go and visit. Her HPdesign is great too.

cocoa and co cookie

Yummie cakes and cookies from Cocoa & co kitchen.

And doesn´t this ANORAK look like a great artsy magazine not just for children?

Anorak childrens magazine

What is your eye candy this week? Share!

I´m no artist

8 Sep

but for those 500 pencils i would love to be one.

500 pencils project

How would it look like to draw with the Norwegian sky or a Drizzly Afternoon?  It could inspire to everything.

Imagine how it would be recieving 25 coloured pencils every month for 20 month.  Maybe i would display them like this. Or find new ways and ideas.

500 pencils project

I would definetly have much fun with these pencils, colours, names and stories.

What about you?

Summer is for roadtrips

10 Aug

How time is flying by. I have to tell you this vaccation is one of the best i ever had so far. Three weeks behind us and one week still before us. I´m the lucky one with international parents and in-laws. My mother is from sweden and my father in law was born and grown up  in Brazil.

My husband and i love to travel and we often can choose between Sweden or Portugal as vaccation destination. Our parents have houses there. So this summer we planned a roadtrip to Portugal. Our son stayed with his grandparents and we got on our way. 6 days just for us as a couple and Paris, Biarritz, Bilbao, meet up with some old friends and so much more on the way.

We drove about 2300 km in 6 days. Included many visits, best croissants and baguette ever, cheese, good wine, crocheting on the road, ocean, ocean, ocean, friends…….

I will let the pictures tell the story:

On the road, Paris, Eifel Tower

On the road, Paris, Louvre, Pyramide

On the road, France, near La Rochelle, Harbour

On the road, France, La Rochelle, Cheese

On the Road; France, Biarritz

On the Road, Spain, Valle de Karrantza

On the Road, Spain, towards Vigo

On the road, Spain, clouds

On the road, Portugal, Viana do Castelo, summer vaccation

So the last picture is the view that we have every day since our Roadtrip ended. It will be hard to leave. But still 4 days of vaccation. Tomorrow we go to Porto. Vila Nova de Gaia is on the other side of the Rio Douro. Where all the great Portwines come from.


and best summer wishes from Portugal.

Act now-Future World

13 Jul

Do you love where you live and do you like the earth?

I do!

Do you have kids, or do you want to have?

We have a kid and we want to have more kids.

Do we have 10 more years to waste, pollute and destroy our planet?

No. We don´t have that time. But maybe the following film trailer  gives  us some questions and answers.

Have you seen this great  and thought-provoking video?

For a sustainable future.

Biking for peace

2 Jul

Yesterday Jan Bargen a friend  from study period started his 2500 km long biketour from Lisbon to Luxembourg to raise money for 2 projects at the Peace and Research Center in Tamera/Portugal.

If you are interested have a look at his website.

For more info´s about the projects and the Peace and Research Center.

So if you like the idea and want to support him, spread the word or donate what you can afford.

For a world with Peace.

Get a look behind the scene

30 Jun

Just for all of you who always wanted to know: who´s the woman behind this blog

Take a look!Me

Because this Summer i do solemnly swear you will get to know me a little bit more.