Summer is for roadtrips

10 Aug

How time is flying by. I have to tell you this vaccation is one of the best i ever had so far. Three weeks behind us and one week still before us. I´m the lucky one with international parents and in-laws. My mother is from sweden and my father in law was born and grown up  in Brazil.

My husband and i love to travel and we often can choose between Sweden or Portugal as vaccation destination. Our parents have houses there. So this summer we planned a roadtrip to Portugal. Our son stayed with his grandparents and we got on our way. 6 days just for us as a couple and Paris, Biarritz, Bilbao, meet up with some old friends and so much more on the way.

We drove about 2300 km in 6 days. Included many visits, best croissants and baguette ever, cheese, good wine, crocheting on the road, ocean, ocean, ocean, friends…….

I will let the pictures tell the story:

On the road, Paris, Eifel Tower

On the road, Paris, Louvre, Pyramide

On the road, France, near La Rochelle, Harbour

On the road, France, La Rochelle, Cheese

On the Road; France, Biarritz

On the Road, Spain, Valle de Karrantza

On the Road, Spain, towards Vigo

On the road, Spain, clouds

On the road, Portugal, Viana do Castelo, summer vaccation

So the last picture is the view that we have every day since our Roadtrip ended. It will be hard to leave. But still 4 days of vaccation. Tomorrow we go to Porto. Vila Nova de Gaia is on the other side of the Rio Douro. Where all the great Portwines come from.


and best summer wishes from Portugal.

Act now-Future World

13 Jul

Do you love where you live and do you like the earth?

I do!

Do you have kids, or do you want to have?

We have a kid and we want to have more kids.

Do we have 10 more years to waste, pollute and destroy our planet?

No. We don´t have that time. But maybe the following film trailer  gives  us some questions and answers.

Have you seen this great  and thought-provoking video?

For a sustainable future.

Biking for peace

2 Jul

Yesterday Jan Bargen a friend  from study period started his 2500 km long biketour from Lisbon to Luxembourg to raise money for 2 projects at the Peace and Research Center in Tamera/Portugal.

If you are interested have a look at his website.

For more info´s about the projects and the Peace and Research Center.

So if you like the idea and want to support him, spread the word or donate what you can afford.

For a world with Peace.

Get a look behind the scene

30 Jun

Just for all of you who always wanted to know: who´s the woman behind this blog

Take a look!Me

Because this Summer i do solemnly swear you will get to know me a little bit more.

Where the health gone

30 Jun

Home again. But not really back again. This month was filled with 18 days at a children hospital, fever, infections, surgery, more fever, worries and waiting for the pathological results.

We had luck, prayers and guardian angels around our little one.

So the result was just a Cat-scratch disease. Even if he hasn´t been scratched by a cat it can come from fleas or ticks.

So now we are at home since thursday, but still had some Dr. to visit because the fever came back and he was vomiting. We had to cancel our first holiday to sweden. Such a long journey would be to stressfull for all of us. Hopefully we can travel to Portugal in three weeks. We are soo in need of a holiday and recovering.

After all this sickness, hospital time beeing healthy has come in a center view.

So i wish you health and take care of you.


5 x 8 things about me

30 Mai

Number8 photo by andy wilkes

The margolicious Margot from the lovely Icedgrandesoylatte Blog tagged me with Eight things

Eight things I´m looking forward to:
1) Strawberry season
2) summer holiday in Sweden and Portugal
3) Roadtrip to Portugal
4) doing more granny squares
5) sending away some Happy Mail
6) recieving my Overlock  machine
7) doing some gocco prints
8) SUMMER, sun, beach, BBQ!!!

Eight things I did yesterday
1) Got some Happy Mail
2) went to the son´s playgroup
3) repaired my bike
4) cleaned some of our big windows
5) invited a friend
6) made someone happy
7) phone call with a good friend
8) read Pipi Longstocking for my son

Eight things I wish I could do
1) Create me a great banner and blog
2) using photoshop
3) stay in contact with far away friends
4) draw
5) go to bed earlier
6) visit Berlin more often
7) do more of my ideas in real
8) study oceanographie

Eight Show/Films I(´ve) watch(ed)

Don´t have a TV at home. But i love cinema.

1) Star Trek XI
2) Volver
3) Amelie
4) Tropicanita
5) L´auberge Espagnole
6) The Straight Story
7) Fried green tomatoes
8) Chocolat

Eight things about me: ( i skip tagging 8 other blogger, i think most of you had it already, but feel free to pick it up)

1) Social worker
2) Citizen  of the world
3) mother
4) life long learner
5) shy
6) Crafter
7) Wife
8) Traveller

Recieve some Mail love

20 Mai

Who don´t love presents, or winning a blog give-a-way?

Then go over and have a look at Toni Brockliss blog modern day pioneers.

I got to know here through Elsies and Rachels pretty online class.

She loves to be artsy and she want to make us happy and will sending out a unique present to everyone who wants to join.

How lovely and generous of her.
If you like to join, visit her blog post and send her some happiness.

She even created a lovely button.

a little me _ present love _ button

If you want to know more about Toni have a look at her blog about France or her flickr.


Fly high, sunny London Eye!

8 Mai

Where has April  month gone?

Even if it´s 7 weeks ago i want to show you some pics from our trip to London.

Back  from a gorgeous, amazing, colourfull and springy visit to London. We had wonderfull warm weather the whole 4 days.

Spring London

We had great food, beer, watched Milk at the cinema, did some tourist visits, went for a ride on the London eye and got a wonderful evening view.

London Eye

View from London Eye

Most of the time we took this transport system. We could see much more instead of  beeing Underground.

Bus London

We did some window shopping. Saw great decorations and drank coffee, chai tea at starbucks, costa or nero.  There must be thousand cafés or more in lovely London.

Shopping window

store window

Are you in need of a new dog generation?  Jeans dog, anyone?

jeans dogs

Sundays are for food and art, when you visiting London.

We strolled over the old Spitalsfield Market and later we went to the Old Truman Brewery. Inside located the Sunday up Market. I think it´s even known as Brick Lane Market. It was colourful and we ate yummy delicious food.

Always worth a visit.

Spitalsfield Market

Food at Spitalsfield market

Great news!!!  As seen on Oxford or Regent Street. London will be the first european city with a Anthropologie Store.

Lucky Londoners.

Firts european Anthropologie Store

Opening will be this autumn. Worth another visit to London.
As you see and read we had a great time in the UK. As always.

Birthday in London

20 Mrz

I´m soooooooo excited.

1. It´s my birthday today

2.  in some hours i will celebrate it in London

3. in less than 10 hours i will sit on the airplane

4. we will stay in London for 4 whole days

I wish you all a lovely and happy day. What about a piece of this great birthdaycake? Yummy.

birthday cake flickr find

It´s although Pips – Meet me at mikes birthday today.

To go for it and a sneak peek

6 Mrz

Look what pretty spring colours i found at a nearby shoe store:


That will be colourful wearables. The upper ones are from Think. The have a great animation for their website. So have a look.

The shoes in the front are from El Natura Lista and they too have an exciting and inspiring website.

So if you searching for some new shoes… have a look.

On the other hand i have a sneak peek for all my swapmates from the swap that lovely  and just married Janel organized for us:


It´s nearly ready for getting it to the post.  Oh i can´t wait to see what all the other swappers made for each other. Thanks Janel for organizing this fun.