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With a little help for my friend

27 Okt

you could lighten up there family life.

This woman rocks. I can tell you. Even if i´ve just known here since some month in the big blogging world all i can say about her is:

Jamie is big hearted, funny, talented and very creative.

She and her family have had  some  hard month behind them and life isn´t that easy  in these days, too. If you are interested. Read her story.

Darling Jamie is running a Silent Auction until Friday and this is what you can get:

Jamie Silent Auction

So go over to her blog and do a bid if you love and like Polaroid, Buttons and Vintage wooden thread spools.


She also offers custom embroidery  like this woodgrain tree trunk:

Jamie Woodgrain embroiderd love

This would be a great present for a loved one.


And as a tribute to a blogging friend enjoy some great music.



Music Monday

11 Okt

Some bits of music that i like/liked the last month/years. This time very related to my country: germany

Roger Cicero

Tim Fischer


Fettes Brot



Yesterday + today is very music related. I´m importing my about 200 CD´s to iTunes. It´s just great and fun. Haven´t listened to some of the albums since 5-10 years.

P.S.: i´m working on updating more often. To pretty up the blog and i have a give-a-way on my mind.


Get a look behind the scene

30 Jun

Just for all of you who always wanted to know: who´s the woman behind this blog

Take a look!Me

Because this Summer i do solemnly swear you will get to know me a little bit more.

Birthday in London

20 Mrz

I´m soooooooo excited.

1. It´s my birthday today

2.  in some hours i will celebrate it in London

3. in less than 10 hours i will sit on the airplane

4. we will stay in London for 4 whole days

I wish you all a lovely and happy day. What about a piece of this great birthdaycake? Yummy.

birthday cake flickr find

It´s although Pips – Meet me at mikes birthday today.

To inspire me and you

25 Feb

I think i´m getting a cold again but i wanted to show you some inspiring founds from Vimeo and You tube.

I love books from the bottom of my heart and this celebrating video is so adorable and fascinating. I just love it.

Here is another one that i like. And it´s so unique and outstanding.

I like to look them some times in the week and they make my heart laugh and i feel happy . Obviously inspiring.

What about you? Did you liked them? Do you have some inspiring film links for me?

Stunning Gocco postcards received

12 Nov

They came on Friday. I was happy as a child when the small parcel arrived.

As i told i took part in a Gocco postcard swap in the beginning of October. On friday i could look at all the wonderful results and amazing designs from the other swapers.

Take a look:

Stunning Gocco cards

and then just a closer look at some of my favorites.

funny design

golden ladies dont see, talk or hear

british houses

London ben and cat under tree

Aren´t they fabulous. It was a funny swap. I just can say thanks to all the participants and more thank you to Lisa/luluvision who organised and worked it out that well.

Time is flying by

22 Okt

Oh, over a month has gone by. And there are so many things i could tell you about.

Several birthdays were celebrated. Not mine.

I wen´t on a trip to sweden with our little one. Where we had beautiful wheather and i got much inspiration.

Sheep days on Borgholms Castle ruin on the island Öland

Sheep days on Borgholms Castle ruin on the island Öland

Sunset at Kalmarsund with kite surfers

Sunset at Kalmarsund with kite surfers

I did my first gocco print, with which i take part in the It´s Autumn Gocco Postcard swap organized by luluvision. She opend up a new group on flickr called Gocco Swap. I´m looking forward to receive the swap in the next few weeks.

Sneak Peak of my first gocco print

Sneak Peak of my first gocco print

My sewing course has begun and after sewing some caps for my son, niece and nephew i was cutting up some of my fabric for a sweet sweatshirt yesterday.

Photos will be following.  And there is even more to show. I have to take some shots in natural light tomorrow before my husband fly to Spain for some days.

More fun to come…

Willkommen! Vällkommen! Welcome!

28 Jun

Was dein Herz dir sagt…..

Heute ist der Tag, der neues mit sich bringt. Geboren in eine handwerkliche Familie, dümpelte meine Kreativität meist so vor sich hin. Inspiriert durch meine eigenen Ideen, andere kreative Menschen bin ich beflügelt für mein Nähprojekt.

Es soll vorbei sein mit kiloweise Stoffansammlungen und halbfertigen Projekten, Wollknäulen und angefangenen Socken, Papierfetzen und brachliegenden Schöpfrahmen, vorgenommenen Projekten und angefangenen Kursen.

Hier wird es ums nähen vertiefen, Fußwärmer, Papier- und andere neue Projekte gehen.

Inspiration und Tausch ist immer willkommen

What your heart says….

This is the day which rise with new ideas and projects. I was born into a family with crafty roots, but myself creativity was mostly sleeping like a dragon the last few years. But now my longings come through. I hope they will spread out. There are tons of ideas and inspiration through other crafty people.

From now on i hope there will be stop with half-finished sewings, balls of wool and begun knittings, never started courses and not fulfilled longings.

This blog will be about sewing, foot warmers, paper- and not yet known  projects.

Inspiration and swap always wished and welcome.