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4 Mai

Do you have your wedding ahead?

My big day is soon to be 5 years ago.

Beautiful, special, extraordinary, enjoyable and medieval themed.

In August we will have our 5th anniversary. What? Where have the years gone so fast?

If i could have my wedding day before me, i wouldn´t change many things.

But i would put some fun/creativ  things to it, that i didn´t knew of/or needed  5 years ago.

Like a Photo Booth:


and a Lemonade Booth


A candy bar


Garlands, pompoms and balloons




What have/had  you planned for your wedding?

What do/did you like most about your wedding?

What kind of Theme do you like for a/your wedding?

If you have any great links to wedding websites, photographers, candy booth… please share.

3 Antworten zu “before/after Wedding”

  1. vera 4. Mai 2010 um 4:17 pm #

    Hi! beautiful post 🙂 We’ve got married in august also! This august it’s 3 years ago that we got married on the beach of Bonaire! I had a orange weddingdress 🙂 We celebrated our wedding with a small group of family & friends & it was really magical! I have photos on flickr

    I love looking at wedding websites, dresses etc… maybe another small wedding when we celebrate our 10th celebration?!


  2. Marie 4. Mai 2010 um 9:35 pm #

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary. What a lovely photo, it must have been a special wedding, I really like when people make the wedding something speciel 🙂

    thanks alot for your comment on my blog, nice to know I have foreign readers too 😉

  3. cat 9. Mai 2010 um 10:08 pm #

    Fabulous photos and inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    I too was married 5 years ago this August!

    On one hand, it seems to have flown by,yet on the other, it also seems like a whole world away.

    I love your dress – gorgeous!

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