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Eye candy !

8 Sep

Wanted to share some eye candy  with you.

Samantha Robinson teacup

Samantha Robinson illuminator

This beautiful porcelain is handmade by Samantha Robinson, Australia. Go and visit. Her HPdesign is great too.

cocoa and co cookie

Yummie cakes and cookies from Cocoa & co kitchen.

And doesn´t this ANORAK look like a great artsy magazine not just for children?

Anorak childrens magazine

What is your eye candy this week? Share!

I´m no artist

8 Sep

but for those 500 pencils i would love to be one.

500 pencils project

How would it look like to draw with the Norwegian sky or a Drizzly Afternoon?  It could inspire to everything.

Imagine how it would be recieving 25 coloured pencils every month for 20 month.  Maybe i would display them like this. Or find new ways and ideas.

500 pencils project

I would definetly have much fun with these pencils, colours, names and stories.

What about you?

To go for it and a sneak peek

6 Mrz

Look what pretty spring colours i found at a nearby shoe store:


That will be colourful wearables. The upper ones are from Think. The have a great animation for their website. So have a look.

The shoes in the front are from El Natura Lista and they too have an exciting and inspiring website.

So if you searching for some new shoes… have a look.

On the other hand i have a sneak peek for all my swapmates from the swap that lovely  and just married Janel organized for us:


It´s nearly ready for getting it to the post.  Oh i can´t wait to see what all the other swappers made for each other. Thanks Janel for organizing this fun.

To inspire me and you

25 Feb

I think i´m getting a cold again but i wanted to show you some inspiring founds from Vimeo and You tube.

I love books from the bottom of my heart and this celebrating video is so adorable and fascinating. I just love it.

Here is another one that i like. And it´s so unique and outstanding.

I like to look them some times in the week and they make my heart laugh and i feel happy . Obviously inspiring.

What about you? Did you liked them? Do you have some inspiring film links for me?

Hello New Year, winter and welcome spring

21 Jan

Some month have gone by without writing.  I finished my sewing class. Had funny holidays with family and friends, a great start into 2009,   2 weeks of snowy and really cold winter  ( – 22° C).

And when i read about Rachel and Elsies Spring Online class i decided to be a part of it and to get crafty into the spring.

Spring online class

I´m looking so much forward to the 15.2 and this great 8 week class. Much fun to come. Just one day later we will celebrate my  moms birthday and in the evening there is the start of my second sewing class i´m taking part in.

This time i decided to just sew things for my own.  A bag, t-shirt and an apron shall it be this time.

This willl be a crafty and inspirational time towards spring.

Time is flying by

22 Okt

Oh, over a month has gone by. And there are so many things i could tell you about.

Several birthdays were celebrated. Not mine.

I wen´t on a trip to sweden with our little one. Where we had beautiful wheather and i got much inspiration.

Sheep days on Borgholms Castle ruin on the island Öland

Sheep days on Borgholms Castle ruin on the island Öland

Sunset at Kalmarsund with kite surfers

Sunset at Kalmarsund with kite surfers

I did my first gocco print, with which i take part in the It´s Autumn Gocco Postcard swap organized by luluvision. She opend up a new group on flickr called Gocco Swap. I´m looking forward to receive the swap in the next few weeks.

Sneak Peak of my first gocco print

Sneak Peak of my first gocco print

My sewing course has begun and after sewing some caps for my son, niece and nephew i was cutting up some of my fabric for a sweet sweatshirt yesterday.

Photos will be following.  And there is even more to show. I have to take some shots in natural light tomorrow before my husband fly to Spain for some days.

More fun to come…