Summer is for roadtrips

10 Aug

How time is flying by. I have to tell you this vaccation is one of the best i ever had so far. Three weeks behind us and one week still before us. I´m the lucky one with international parents and in-laws. My mother is from sweden and my father in law was born and grown up  in Brazil.

My husband and i love to travel and we often can choose between Sweden or Portugal as vaccation destination. Our parents have houses there. So this summer we planned a roadtrip to Portugal. Our son stayed with his grandparents and we got on our way. 6 days just for us as a couple and Paris, Biarritz, Bilbao, meet up with some old friends and so much more on the way.

We drove about 2300 km in 6 days. Included many visits, best croissants and baguette ever, cheese, good wine, crocheting on the road, ocean, ocean, ocean, friends…….

I will let the pictures tell the story:

On the road, Paris, Eifel Tower

On the road, Paris, Louvre, Pyramide

On the road, France, near La Rochelle, Harbour

On the road, France, La Rochelle, Cheese

On the Road; France, Biarritz

On the Road, Spain, Valle de Karrantza

On the Road, Spain, towards Vigo

On the road, Spain, clouds

On the road, Portugal, Viana do Castelo, summer vaccation

So the last picture is the view that we have every day since our Roadtrip ended. It will be hard to leave. But still 4 days of vaccation. Tomorrow we go to Porto. Vila Nova de Gaia is on the other side of the Rio Douro. Where all the great Portwines come from.


and best summer wishes from Portugal.


5 Antworten to “Summer is for roadtrips”

  1. Inka 15. August 2009 um 8:35 am #

    I found you thru the Autumn Online class and decided to say „Hi!“ to my new classmate. 🙂 I´m already waiting for the class to start!
    You have such a beautiful photos from your trip. Makes me want to travel! 🙂
    Hugs, Inka

  2. Toni Brockliss 1. September 2009 um 5:05 am #

    Dear Astrid,
    Thank you so much for my gift! I received today with a postcard from Paris.
    You are so incredibly sweet. I love everything. You are so thoughtful and so very kind.
    Thank you!! You made my day.

    • flyingscissors 1. September 2009 um 11:39 am #

      Toni, great that you recieved everything. But what a long journey. Nearly 3 weeks. Our son sometimes say your name because i told him you send the felted heart. He hearts it and takes it with him to bed.

  3. Toni Brockliss 1. September 2009 um 5:06 am #

    PS – the cheese photo is mouth watering. I would like to dive in head first! I think I was a mouse in my former life. 🙂

  4. Juliette R. 1. April 2010 um 12:19 pm #

    ok wow, so maybe next summer we’re going to have to road trip down to Portugal… looks lovely!

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