Where the health gone

30 Jun

Home again. But not really back again. This month was filled with 18 days at a children hospital, fever, infections, surgery, more fever, worries and waiting for the pathological results.

We had luck, prayers and guardian angels around our little one.

So the result was just a Cat-scratch disease. Even if he hasn´t been scratched by a cat it can come from fleas or ticks.

So now we are at home since thursday, but still had some Dr. to visit because the fever came back and he was vomiting. We had to cancel our first holiday to sweden. Such a long journey would be to stressfull for all of us. Hopefully we can travel to Portugal in three weeks. We are soo in need of a holiday and recovering.

After all this sickness, hospital time beeing healthy has come in a center view.

So i wish you health and take care of you.


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