5 x 8 things about me

30 Mai

Number8 photo by andy wilkes

The margolicious Margot from the lovely Icedgrandesoylatte Blog tagged me with Eight things

Eight things I´m looking forward to:
1) Strawberry season
2) summer holiday in Sweden and Portugal
3) Roadtrip to Portugal
4) doing more granny squares
5) sending away some Happy Mail
6) recieving my Overlock  machine
7) doing some gocco prints
8) SUMMER, sun, beach, BBQ!!!

Eight things I did yesterday
1) Got some Happy Mail
2) went to the son´s playgroup
3) repaired my bike
4) cleaned some of our big windows
5) invited a friend
6) made someone happy
7) phone call with a good friend
8) read Pipi Longstocking for my son

Eight things I wish I could do
1) Create me a great banner and blog
2) using photoshop
3) stay in contact with far away friends
4) draw
5) go to bed earlier
6) visit Berlin more often
7) do more of my ideas in real
8) study oceanographie

Eight Show/Films I(´ve) watch(ed)

Don´t have a TV at home. But i love cinema.

1) Star Trek XI
2) Volver
3) Amelie
4) Tropicanita
5) L´auberge Espagnole
6) The Straight Story
7) Fried green tomatoes
8) Chocolat

Eight things about me: ( i skip tagging 8 other blogger, i think most of you had it already, but feel free to pick it up)

1) Social worker
2) Citizen  of the world
3) mother
4) life long learner
5) shy
6) Crafter
7) Wife
8) Traveller


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  1. margot 1. Juni 2009 um 5:31 am #

    i loooooveee pipi!!! and your blog 🙂

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