To inspire me and you

25 Feb

I think i´m getting a cold again but i wanted to show you some inspiring founds from Vimeo and You tube.

I love books from the bottom of my heart and this celebrating video is so adorable and fascinating. I just love it.

Here is another one that i like. And it´s so unique and outstanding.

I like to look them some times in the week and they make my heart laugh and i feel happy . Obviously inspiring.

What about you? Did you liked them? Do you have some inspiring film links for me?


Eine Antwort to “To inspire me and you”

  1. Toni Brockliss 27. Februar 2009 um 11:25 pm #

    Hi Astrid!
    I love those videos! They are so fantastic. I love books to Astrid. I was a librarian before I had my two little children.

    Elton is my boy and he has just turned 3 and Audrey is my girl and she is 2 years old in April. Our children are around the same age.

    I love being a mum and I wish I could have so many more children, but I think I will have to add puppies to our home instead.

    I do all my crafting at night when my children go to bed. My husband works in IT (computers) and he sits next to me and looks on the internet or fixs computers.

    It’s so great to meet you and that you are in our class. Your website it beautiful.


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